31 07 2008

With soaring oil prices, it seems like the topic du jour is drilling in Alaska. Every time anyone mentions oil, they conjure up screaming masses of right-wingers — and a few left-wingers as well — yelling about Alaskan drilling and the necessity thereof. Apparently, doing so would reduce the price of gas, it would reduce out dependence on foreign nations, and all around be a fabulous thing. This way, we wouldn’t have to deal with messy and confusing things that might upset the oil companies, like alternative energy sources! However, in reality, the issue isn’t quite as clear. Let’s look at some statistics, shall we?

  • The United States consumes approximately 20,588,000 barrels of petroleum daily.
  • The ANWR oil fields are expected to produce, at maximum, approximately 1.45 million barrels of petroleum a day, in 2028, when production is expected to peak, under this production. The minimum is projected at approximately 510,000 barrels of petroleum per day at peak.
  • Under the best circumstances, ANWR drilling is projected to produce a $1.44/barrel price reduction worldwide at peak.

The highest projected peak production from ANWR would barely constitute 7% of United States oil consumption today. The debate comes down to whether we want to destroy a pristine wilderness to extract an fairly small amount of hydrocarbonaceous black carcinogenic gunk from under the ground, where it’s safely isolated, to burn it and place tons of poisonous/greenhouse gases into the world at large. In my opinion, the money could be better spent on, for example, researching sources of energy that don’t pour toxins into the atmosphere. But, that’s my view. What do you people think?


I return!

28 07 2008

I intend to soon produce new content. In fact, I already have, and published it, but I have retracted it due to inadequate fact-checking. It’s unfortunate, really.


20 07 2008

…I’ll be out of town for the week, and therefore unable to post. 😦 Look for more exciting content on the 28th-29th! 🙂

I overuse emoticons, I know.

The Ron Paul Dilemma

19 07 2008

I think that most of us are glad that Ron Paul failed to secure any Presidential nomination whatsoever. His “R[EVOL]UTION” (an ironic name, if you think about it) failed spectacularly, complete with crashing blimps. Unfortunately, he still has ardent supporters, a disappointing state of affairs, especially since most of them do not seem to be raging racists. You would think that after years of sending out material like “blacks poured into the streets of Chicago in celebration. How to celebrate? How else? They broke the windows of stores to loot“, people would have caught on, but eh. Most of them are apparently credulous enough to take his pronunciations that Martin Luther King is one of his heroes, and his claim that, because racism is somehow fundamentally opposed to libertarian ideology, he cannot possibly be a racist, apparently because he’s libertarianism incarnate, as unequivocal proof that he is, indeed, not a racist. Ron Paul also claims that he was not responsible for, and had no knowledge of, the horrifyingly casual racism being consistently spewed in his newsletter for twenty years. This brings us to the eponymous dilemma: if Ron Paul is telling the truth, and had no knowledge of the content of his own newsletter for twenty years, then he is stunningly inept. If he is not, then he is a racist. Therefore, the dilemma:

If Ron Paul had no knowledge of the content of his newsletter, then he is inept; and if he did, then he is a racist.

Ron Paul either had or did not have knowledge of the content of his newsletter.

Therefore, he is either inept or a racist.

In neither of which cases he should have any shot at the Presidency, or any other public office, in my opinion.


5 07 2008

So, I saw WALL-E yesterday. It would have made me cry if I hadn’t managed to create an active block of the part of my brain that allows me to do so, something that I sincerely regret. 😦 I did tear up, however.

…I should write more, and I intend to, but currently I’m being dragged out of the house to see fireworks. Happy war day, everyone!

P.S. love the Peter Gabriel song at the end. I had to say that.

Update, 1:02 EST, 7/47/08: I am, sadly, too tired to write anything at the moment and reasonably expect it to look coherent in the morning. C’est la vie. I’ll get back to this tomorrow.

Update, 3:05 PM EST, 7/5/08: I’ve decided I’ll do this in segments.

Sorry for the lack of new posts…

11 04 2008

…I’m suffering from a large workload and massive writer’s block.