5 07 2008

So, I saw WALL-E yesterday. It would have made me cry if I hadn’t managed to create an active block of the part of my brain that allows me to do so, something that I sincerely regret. 😦 I did tear up, however.

…I should write more, and I intend to, but currently I’m being dragged out of the house to see fireworks. Happy war day, everyone!

P.S. love the Peter Gabriel song at the end. I had to say that.

Update, 1:02 EST, 7/47/08: I am, sadly, too tired to write anything at the moment and reasonably expect it to look coherent in the morning. C’est la vie. I’ll get back to this tomorrow.

Update, 3:05 PM EST, 7/5/08: I’ve decided I’ll do this in segments.




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