Global Warming

31 03 2008

I am not particularly opinionated on the subject of the existence global warming — I consider the evidence for both positions relating to its reality to be rather too sparse to be able to make an adequate determination on the matter. However, I am fully in support of attempting to curb the phenomenon, as, although I am not convinced of its existence, neither am I convinced of its unreality, and I am revolted by the “wait-and-see” attitude towards an issue of this magnitude. Let’s briefly consider both probable scenarios: in situation one, global warming is not occurring. Fine, we’ve spent some money that didn’t need to be spent. Whoop-de-do. At the moment, we are spending millions of dollars a day in Iraq, there’s no reason why we can’t spend a barely-comparable quantity on peaceful endeavours. In scenario two, global warming is indeed occurring, and our efforts have apprehended it — or not, if we haven’t attempted to do so. If the latter is the case, the planet overheats, the ecosystem gets torched, and we regretfully look back at the idyllic years when there was actually vegetation outside. I’m of the belief that the former is rather preferable.




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