30 03 2008

I finally got a blog with which I intend to keep up. Sadly, this most likely won’t occur, taking into account my proclivity to have lovely ideas concerning various topics on which I would like to expound, and then never actually muster up the energy or patience to do so. This is an unfortunate phenomenon which, sadly, pervades most of my life. So, if by some wild, almost quantum-mechanical quirk of probability, you actually develop a liking for my productions, and I suddenly disappear, it’s probably because I’m a slacker, so simply send me lots of angry e-mails, and I’ll get right back to it.

However, I hope to avoid this problem in this blog, as part of the problem that I’ve been afflicted with in the past was the direct result of an attempt to make my blogs overly-specialized. I shall evade this by writing about whatever I feel like writing about, when I feel like writing about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to produce at least one good piece of work in this fashion.




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