Beaks of Squids

30 03 2008

I am fully aware that it would be more professional, perhaps, to have the title as “Squid’s Beaks”, but I tend towards lolcat-like mannerisms in certain areas, so you’ll have to cope.

Anyway, I found this interesting. Apparently, the reason why the razor-sharp beak that squids possess does not simply slice through their none-too-solid flesh is because the density is on a gradient, that is, the beak becomes progressively harder as the distance from the base increases. What I found to be particularly intriguing is that we don’t actually have a very good idea of how to produce a material with such a gradient. I personally have ideas, but they’re probably entirely half-baked and worthless, as I have no particular qualifications in this field.

If I have utilized bad grammar, tortured syntax, or anything similar, it’s most likely because I’m not particularly awake, and I’m too lazy to do any particular copyediting.




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